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Un Témoignage à couper le souffle ! Qui fait le tour du Monde.


-Une enfance Brisée… Une adolescence dans la misère…La pauvreté…La honte …

-Puis viendra une grande réussite dans le milieu des affaires, l’argent coule à flot, mais le mènera vers une descente dans « Les Couloirs De l’Enfer ».

 …Enfin il va rencontrer cette personne qui lui tendra une main secourable qui va changer sa vie….

TÉLÉCHARGEZ GRATUITEMENT le témoignage de William THERON (Disponible en 14 langues) clic ici -}  http://wp.me/p8FpW3-y


After a broken childhood in a distressed family, after privation and hunger, poverty and shame, I have known fame, money, affluence and successful business  but I was unhappy and all this led me straight into the « corridors of hell » → the circle of drugs → of prostitution → of homosexuality … Finally the empire I had built myself collapsed.  I lost everything I had.  I was totally ruined.

I had decided to commit suicide… when this wonderful encounter changed my life. Today my story has been read  around the world by thousands of people.

I would like to give you my booklet  FOR FREE. It is short and easy to read and you will find the answers and encouragement you need.

You can download it for free at :

English Version Free Download AVAILABLE IN 14 LANGUAGES


Evangelist presentation here



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